Assata Shakur (aunt of famous rapper tupac shakur) was a member of the black panther party, and like Angela Davis, the Angola three and many others was falsely imprisoned.
She has faced many false accusations from robbery to assault but her main charge was that of attempted murder of a state trooper.
It is a well known fact that police, especially in new jersey, regularly stop and harass/assault black people. This is what happened that night.
Despite ballistic and forensics evidence/experts proving it was scientifically impossible for her to have killed the man, she is still being witch-hunted until this day.
Assata was a victim of the COINTELPRO witch-hunts. However she along with many others is still a victim to this day as in May 2013 she became the first woman to be on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist’s list, offering $1 million for her.
Assata, like many others who have experienced the cruel prison industrial complex, suffered severe and inhumane punishment in prison; everything from beatings from guards/troopers, to refusing medical care, being put in men-only prisons, inhumane amounts of solitary confinement and unwarranted and humiliating vaginal/cavity searches.
Assata managed to escape from prison and now resides in Cuba as a political refugee.
Angela Davis and Nelson Mandela were previously on the FBI’s wanted lists however Assata is still on this list until this very day.
Other victims of COINTELPRO include Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Eldridge Cleaver and many, many more black activists.
Why Assta’s story is important:
It highlights the huge and systematic injustices happening within the prison industrial complex.
It highlights how black people are often harassed and framed by the US department of “Justice”
It highlights the fact that there are still victims of COINTELpro being hunted down today in 2014.
Often we hear stories and feel powerless to help, but I think hearing the song of people is the powerful first step. Hearing the songs that people sing through their stories is not only the absolute very least we can do as human beings but it is also the first necessary step before any action can even be imagined.
"Assata" I heard your song.
"I wonder what I mean to you"

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